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     * Come and Visit Semichem in Booth 1328 in New Orleans! *
 Semichem will be showing AMPAC 5.1 with Graphical User Interface and
 our new QSAR offering, CODESSA.
 CODESSA is a state-of-the-art  QSAR/QSPR program  that will allow you
 to extract descriptor  data directly  from your AMPAC files.  CODESSA
 also computes many of the popular  topological and reactivity indices
 directly.  CODESSA's statistical package automates  correlation anal-
 ysis and allows speedy and  meanigful interpretation  and development
 of models to fit your specific needs. Spend your time thinking rather
 than doing time-consuming and tedious clerical tasks!  Make the right
 choices the first time, integrating all of the knowledge available to
 AMPAC  5.1  with  GUI  has  several  new  features including enhanced
 support for GAUSSIAN file formats and increased speed and  robustness
 in the configuration interation (CI),  geometry  optimization and SCF
 convergence sections.  Also,  AMPAC includes  the  SAM1 semiempirical
 method, which explicitly treats d-orbitals.  Current  parameter  sets
 for SAM1 include the transition metals Cu and Fe.  Ni, Ti, and Zn are
 slated for release in the near future.
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