Call for Papers - ACS Central Regional Meeting

                       CALL FOR PAPERS
    Symposium on Industrial Applications of Quantum Chemistry
               27th ACS Central Regional Meeting
                         Akron, Ohio
                    May 31 - June 2, 1995
 Technical papers and poster presentations are invited
 on industrial or commercial applications of quantum mechanics
 to all areas of chemistry, including analytical, physical, inorganic,
 organic, solid state, polymer, physical, and biochemistry. The symposium
 will be held on Thursday, June 1 and the morning of Friday, June 2.
 Invited speakers include:
          Ernest R. Davidson, Indiana University
          David A. Dixon, DuPont
          Michel Dupuis, IBM Corporation
          John McKelvey, Eastman Kodak
          Nelson G. Rondon, The Dow Chemical Company
          Rick Ross, PPG Industries
 The meeting, which is hosted by the ACS Akron Section, will be held
 in the new convention facility, the J.S. Knight Center, located near the
 University of Akron.
 Send abstracts and three copies (original on ACS Abstract Form)
 by January 9, 1995, to:
     Anne M. Chaka
     Research Division
     The Lubrizol Corporation
     29400 Lakeland Boulevard
     Wickliffe, Ohio  44092-2298
     216-943-1200 x2027
     chaka' at \`
 P.S. One of the main goals of the symposium is to facilitate communication and
 exchange between industry and academia so that the latest theoretical
 techniques can be used to solve problems of commercial importance. For those in
 industry with little or no experience in quantum chemistry, an ACS short
 course on Quantum Mechanics will be held before the meeting on May 30th in
 The course is intended to serve as an introduction to basic molecular
 orbital theory and how it can be applied to chemical problems. Topics to be
 covered will include semiempirical and ab initio methods (Hartree-Fock and
 Functional Theory), basis sets, reaction mechanisms, transition
 state theory, spectroscopy, and thermodynamic properties.
 For more information about the short course, contact Anne Chaka.