Re: Comparison of current DFT codes?

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 > Are there more capable, publicly-available packages available (perhaps not
 > with such completely integrated graphics as DMol), particularly suited for
 > TM-complexes?
 > To set the ball rolling, which is better value: Dmol or DGauss or Dxxxx???
 > Please reply to the list rather than by email to me.  I may be wrong, but I
 > suspect that other readers would be interested in this information.
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 Probably many readers of this list have already received the mailing from
 Gaussian, Inc. announcing the availability for a number of machines of
 Gaussian 92 with DFT, Gaussian 92/DFT. I am neither a user nor a chemist,
 but looking at the brochure, it seems to be a decent package, with a modest
 range of computational options, such as LDA, and various non-local
 corrections to LDA, available at a moderate price to educational
 institutions. More info can be had from "info &$at$&".
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