re:PS Unix->Mac

 > Dear Mr. Song Liu
 > I have read your request for information concerning viewing
 > Unix PS on the Mac. I believe that there exists a package
 > for this purpose. I would try to find someone who could
 > test the FREEDOM OF PRESS package to see if that can solve
 > your problem. Alternatively if you want to print the file on
 > a MAC printer you can use the LASERWRITER utility (if you
 > use a PS laserwriter off course). You put the file from the
 > Unix machine on an MS_DOS disk, you put the file on your
 > Hard Disk and then you tell the utility to print the PS file.
 > If you have knowledge of the PS language and if you want to see
 > something like the colour used for the picture, just read
 > your file into a wordprocessor (MS_WORD e.g.).
 > In Short : To print the file on a PS printer, use the utilities
 >            that come with most PS printers.
 >            To print a file on a non-ps printer (e.g. HP deskwriter)
 >            you can use packages like Freedom of press
 >            If you want to view the stuff on your mac, try to find
 >            somebody who could let you use his version of FOP to make
 >            sure if it can handle your problem (I think it is possible)
 >            before you buy it.
 >            If it would be your aim to manipulate the files, I would
 >            suggest you to send a note to one of the MAC ftp-sites...
 >            If you don't find an answer there, bury the problem...
 > I hope that you find a solution,
 > Patrick
 > Patrick.Bultinck "at@at">