SGI compiler options

 Howdy Netters,
 Dan Severance recently wrote regarding SGI machines -
 >If you have an R4000 or R4400 machine, you need to add the
 >option, since "-mips1" is the default (compatibility mode, will
 run on
 >both R3000 and R4000 machines).  (The fast square-root is incorporated
 >when you specify -mips2) ...
 >   Another compiler option (fairly new) to try is the -sopt, and is
 >documented in the f77 man page, and under the "fopt" manpage
 >runs the program fopt).  One user got a 40% speedup, we don't; it
 >depends on your code.
 I and several other users attempted this and were not able to get either
 of these options to work. I have an Indigo XS24 R4000 with the F77 compiler
 3.4.1, Development option 4.0.1, and Irix 4.0.5 so I believe I have most
 (but apparently not all) the goodies.
 When trying to make using the -mips2 option I received the following note -
      f77: Error: malformed or unknown option -mips2
      *** Error code 2
 I checked my cdroms to see if I had all the options installed and it 'appears'
 I do.  What am I doing wrong or what isn't installed?
 Regarding -sopt, when this option was included in the makefile the compiler
 seemed to go into hibernation after it encountered the first routine to
 compile.  After awhile (ca. 10 minutes) I lost patience and aborted the make.
 Again, any suggestions what went wrong or I didn't do correctly?
 Thanks in advance to Dan and any others with responses,
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