Re: reproduciblity, codes, and disclosure wrote:
 > Most individuals that wish to receive source code probably fall in three
 > categories: 1) code scavengers, 2) code "extenders".
 My candidates for the missing "third category":  People who (1) want
 know what the code "really" does, as opposed to what the documentation
 says it does; (2) would like to run programs on machines other
 than those supported by the developers;  (3) want to make sure
 that they can continue to do research after buying a new machine or
 upgrading their operating system;  (4) find the documentation
 confusing and need to see what input the code is really expecting to
 find, or how it is used;  (5) wish to obtain more detailed
 output than the program would ordinarily provide;  (6) encounter
 bugs and wish to correct them; (7) wish to publish results using
 the code in question.
 In short, there are lots of folks besides "scavengers" and
 "extenders" who
 have a legitimate interest in having access to source code.
 ...dave case