Supercomputer time grants

 Hi netters,
 	We are presently doing transition state calculations of some
 cyclic polar additions using semi-empirical and ab initio methods.
 The semi-empirical results seem to correlate well with known
 experimental data.  We are using a PC and Silicon Graphics computer
 with little memory and disk space for the ab initio caluclations, so we
 are confined to RHF / STO-3G and 3-21G theory and basis set
 	We would like to submit these to higher basis set and theory
 calculations, so the polar nature would be better described than with
 the theory level we are using.  Does anyone know whether we can
 use any of the supercomputer centers for such calculations?  Are
 there any "supercomputer time" grants available?
 	All suggestions and comments are greatly appreciated.
 	Zoran Zdravkovski
 	Department of Chemistry
 	University of New Orleans
 	New Orleans, LA 70148
 	(504) 286-7090		fax (504) 286-6860
 	e-mail ZPZCM-: at :-UNO.EDU