Archives off for the weekend

 Dear subscribers to Comp.Chem.List
 The archives of CCL will be unavailable on the weekend, since the
 computers will be down for the weekend (some building maintenance work).
 If you need something from the archives, do it today.
 To those who did not read the help file, the archives are available
 via anonymous ftp (on, or via e-mail
 interface at OSCPOST (+ at +) For example, if you want to retrieve a
 file for the list do:
 Login: anonymous
 Password: Your_email_address
 ftp> cd pub/chemistry
 ftp> get help
 ftp> quit
 or send a message:
    send help from chemistry
 to OSCPOST (+ at +) and the help file will be forwarded to your mail
 As some of you know, there are many useful things in the archives,
 starting from positions.offered and positions.wanted files and ending
 on documentation, software, and overviews.
 The archives can also be searched for keywords. To find out how to search
 the archives retrieve file (substitute help with
 in the example given above).
 Have a good weekend.
 Jan Labanowski
 Administrator of CCL.
 Dr. Jan K. Labanowski, Senior Research/Supercomputer Scientist/Specialist, etc.
 Ohio Supercomputer Center, 1224 Kinnear Rd, Columbus, OH 43212-1163
 ph:(614)-292-9279,  FAX:(614)-292-7168,  E-mail: jkl (+ at +)  JKL (+ at