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 | 	I would like to get some feedback on  experience people have
 | made in using packages available for visualization of scientific
 | data. We tried several, but were not particularly happy with any of
 | them. In particular, how does the package from NCAR(?) compare with
 | other packages such as IDL and PV-WAVE? (We were not able to look at
 | the NCAR(?) graphics because they do not ship a demo copy, you must
 | buy one for about $700.) WAVEFRONT is too expensive. Is AVS an
 | overkill for visualization of scientific data? What about apE? Thanks
 | in advance.
 For multivariate data, as distinguished from the results of simulations,
 perhaps you should try xgobi, software from ATT bellcore, available by
 ftp (i.e., distributed freely) from, login as statlib,
 mget xgobi* from ~ftp/general.  It is a _very_ nice package for
 viewing data and finding patterns and relationships.  It has an S
 interface, which makes it even more attractive.
 John Rupley
 rupley - at -
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