looking for headgroup charges for PC (phosphatidyl choline)

 I try to simulate lipid bilayers (POPC: Palmitoyl-oleoyl-phosphatidyl
 choline) using an X-PLOR (CHARMm) like MD program. To make the simulation as
 "good" (realistic, reliable, sound, ...) as possible I am looking for
 simulation parameters, e.g. charges for the PC headgroup atoms (extended
 So far I have three different charge sets (one from Groningen, two from our
 group) but none is really convincing.
 A literature search did not produce any results.
 Therefore I would like to ask people who are doing MD simulations of lipids
 to share their parameter sets (preferable X-PLOR rtf and parameter files, but
 any format is welcome) with me or to point me in the direction of relevant
 Thank you very much in advance,
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