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This CCL service lets you upload documents, software, data, results, papers, presentations, training materials, and other useful materials to the CCL Web site. WE DO ENCOURAGE IT!. Beside CCL discussions, CCL is also an Internet archive for computational chemistry. This service is FREE. However, if you are uploading commercial software demo or promotional materials for the commercial software that you are personally associated with, please consider supporting CCL (use: CCL Supporting Members and check also other Paid Services of CCL).

We ask you not only for files, but also for documentation. Documentation/information is essential to attract deserved attention to your submission. If people do not know what it is and what it does, they will not touch it. Would you?

After files are uploaded, the CCL administrator will place them in the public area on the CCL Web site where they are easily accessible. Before you start uploading the files please read Upload: Instructions, Tips and Motivation to make sure that your submission generates the desired impact. Do not forget to provide a link to the Web site(s) where people can get more information, including your own. Please include documentation and remember to enter useful information into the README file that will be indexed by the site's Search Engine and is usually the first file that people review (get their AIDA: Attention, Interest, Desire and Action: make them download and use the materials!).

Small Print: Before files can be placed in some public area of the CCL Web site, they need to be reviewed by CCL administrators. For obvious reasons we reserve the right not to place some materials on the Web site without providing reason for doing so. CCL is also not responsible for any legal claims to the materials posted. It is the responsibility of the submitter to make sure that materials can be publicly displayed on the CCL Web site. By uploading the materials here, you also give CCL the right to include them in CCL archives snapshot on the DVD: CCL Archives on the DVD that it sells at cost to support its operation. The DVD is sold under the condition that it cannot be be further redistributed. You have the right to remove uploaded materials from the CCL Web site at any time by contacting CCL Administrators.

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Please provide a short description (a README file) for your submission. Tell them what it is, what it does, and where they can use it. Please read the Upload Instructions and Tips for suggestions what should go into it. If you enter plain text, the file names will be automatically converted to links to uploaded files. Likewise, all URLs (http://..., ftp://...) will be automatically converted to active links. Since the plain text will be displayed exactly as written in the box below, Make sure that you insert explicit line breaks. If you have a problem to make it look right check the: [FORMATTING EXERCISES] file. You can also enter HTML encoded file: start from a a line with <html> tag and end with a </html> tag -- but in this case, you are responsible for all HTML markup, including links (the README file and uploaded files will reside in the same directory, so you can use relative links like: <a href="myfile.tar.gz" class="link">myfile.tar.gz</a>).

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Please provide CCL staff with instructions, additional information, suggestions, etc. Do not assume that we know what to do with the files and tell us as much as possible (please assume that we know nothing...). This information is for CCL Administrators only and will not be publicly displayed on the Web. For example: do we need to unpack archives (e.g., *.tgz or *.zip file)?, rehash the links in README page?, or use one of the files as an index page for your directory?, etc.

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Upload files that you want to deposit on the CCL Web site. Your files will be saved in a single directory (your local computer directory information will be removed). For this reason file names need to be different. Please use only A..Z, a..z, 0..0 and period, hyphen and underscore in file names. Do not start file names from a period. Other characters will be automatically converted to underscores (_). Provide a few word description for each file. There are 10 file upload slots. Click on the [Browse] button and select a file for upload from your local computer. If you need to upload more than 10 files please make a TAR or a ZIP archive and upload the archive instead. You also have an option to rename the file after upload. Click here [Why?] to learn more, but often the files names on your local machine contain version numbers or special characters that you would want to remove. This option will allow you to do it without renaming the files on your own computer -- they will be simply saved with a different name on the CCL server.

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