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From:  d3f012 $#at#$
Date:  Mon, 12 Oct 92 22:13:43 PDT
Subject:  Argus User Manual is fixed

From:  Helmut Grubmueller <H.Grubmueller &$at$& Physik.TU-Muenchen.DE>
Date:  Tue, 13 Oct 92 9:47:05 MET
Subject:  On the use of Cut-off Schemes in MD

From:  doug -x- at -x- (William D Clendening)
Date:  Tue, 13 Oct 92 11:52:09 EDT
Subject:  self-consistant soln of P-B eq.

From:  Dr. Reinaldo Pis Diez <pisdiez ( ( at ) )>
Date:  Tue, 13 Oct 92 09:11:41 ARG
Subject:  RE: CNDO parameters for Mo

From:  apa &$at$& (Alan P Arnold)
Date:  Wed, 14 Oct 1992 10:33:35 +1000
Subject:  Ionisation (protonation) state of an oligonucleotide