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From:  david "at@at" IRIS.CLAREMONT.EDU (D. Hoekman)
Date:  Wed, 2 Oct 91 23:22:32 PDT
Subject:  Looking for STERIMOL program

From:  "JORGE M. SEMINARIO" <JSMCM &$at$&>
Date:  Thu, 3 Oct 91 02:15 CST
Subject:  supercritical fluids

Date:  Thu, 3 Oct 91 08:46 MET
Subject:  Producing Slides

From:  Greg Durst <DURST_GREGORY_L $#at#$ LILLY.COM>
Date:  Thu, 3 Oct 1991 11:56 EST
Subject:  RE:Looking for STERIMOL program

From:  root(-(at)-) (Super-User)
Date:  Thu, 3 Oct 91 15:03:40 EDT
Subject:  protein-small molecule interactions

From:  CHERRY%howard<;at;>
Date:  Thu, 3 Oct 91 15:33 MST
Subject:  FTPable molecular mechanics programs?

From:  jkl
Date:  Thu, 3 Oct 91 17:56:57 -0400
Subject:  Re: Photo from the screen and Sybyl List