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Date: Sun Jun 26 08:01:59 2022
Subject: 22.06.26 Ph.D. Positions in Computational Catalysis and Materials Design
The Computational Catalysis and Material Design group at The University of 
Alabama (Tuscaloosa, AL, USA) is seeking Ph.D. students for a period of four 
(4) years to work on computational modeling projects aiming to design new 
catalyst materials. 

Ph.D. students will learn to utilize computational methods, such as 
wavefunction theory, density functional theory, classical force fields, 
kinetic simulations, and machine learning techniques to understand and 
predict catalyst properties. Interested students with programming background 
will be part of related method development efforts.

Upon graduation, students will be well-equipped to start their own 
computational research program in academia or move to industry and solve 
cutting-edge material design problems.

Ph.D. students are provided a starting stipend of $24,000/yr, as well as 
free tuition and health insurance.
Interested applicants should contact Prof. Tibor Szilvasi 
( with their CV and explain their motivation. 
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