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Date: Wed Jun 8 06:53:07 2022
Subject: 22.06.07 Research Chemist, Chemometrics, Data Science, DEA, Dulles, VA
The selected applicant serves as the Drug Enforcement Administration's
 internationally recognized expert in chemometrics, relating to controlled
 substances and similar material.
	Provides statistical support to U.S. policy makers through the
 interpretation of forensic data.
	As directed, performs other duties directly related to intelligence
 programs, operation, and functions of the laboratory.
	Expected to propose effective areas of research related to the
 agency's needs; to formulate complete and logical research plans
 and hypotheses; and take full technical responsibility for interpreting
 findings and analytical methodology.

Specific responsibilities may include evaluating and interpreting data;
 keeping track of current literature, developing trends and new technologies;
 planning, evaluating, and implementing complex research projects
 related to chemometric methods and chemical data analysis;
 resolving matters pertaining to the integrity of application
 of statistical methods to data that might significantly affect
 the organization's programs; developing new methods or using traditional
 approaches to solve problems; preparing reports, scientific manuscripts,
 presentations and lectures.
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