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Date: Thu Apr 14 22:00:49 2022
Subject: 22.04.14 Senior Computational Scientist_PharmCADD
*PharmCADD Recruit*

We are a biotechnology company revolutionizing the discovery of novel
drugs and vaccine candidates with the help of machine learning

Senior Computational Scientist 
(Molecular Dynamics Simulations and Quantum Chemistry modeler)

Job Summary
PharmCADD is looking for a highly motivated Research Scientist and
Senior Scientist with experience in Molecular Dynamics (MD) simulations
and Quantum Mechanical (QM) calculations on bio- and small-molecules and
polymeric excipients. She/he will be responsible for performing dynamics
simulation using atomistic and coarse grain (CG) molecular dynamics
simulations and QM calculations.

-	Experience and expertise in using molecular dynamics simulation

-	Experienced in performing molecular dynamics simulations of drug
    delivery system. A successful candidate would have specific
    experience in dynamics simulating of lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) for
    nucleic acid delivery 

-	Experience and expertise in using quantum mechanical tools

-	A knowledge in quantum chemistry (such as DFT, ab initio,
    semi-empirical, multi-reference, and QM/MM methods)

-	Deep understanding of enhanced sampling techniques will be a big plus

-	Experience in AI/Machine Learning prediction will be a big plus

-	Experience in performing QM/MM calculations will be a big plus

-	Ph.D. in computational chemistry/physical chemistry/chemical
    engineering and related areas, preferably with postdoctoral experience

-	Excellent in communication and presentation skills

-	Design, run, and analyze advanced simulations of drug delivery system
-	Contribute to team effort for product development
-	When requested, lead and manage junior scientist 

Salary and benefit
-	PharmCADD offers industry leading competitive compensation package.

-	Salary will be offered based on the track record and job experience level

-	Benefit package includes paid holidays, health insurance, stock
    option, company supported retirement plan, and housing support

Other information
-	PharmCADD is an equal opportunities employer

-	Application should include cover letter and curriculum vitae including
   the names and contact details of 2~3 referees

-	Please submit your application documents to hr _

-	Strictly no agencies

To apply for this position, you will need to submit the following documents: 
-	A brief account you research interests and motivation for applying for
   the position.

-	The names and contact information of two references, where one is the
   main advisor of your master's thesis.

-	Your CV (or Resume)

-	Transcripts and diplomas proving completion of the bachelor's and
   master's degrees.

-	Other relevant certificates/references 

-	Any publications in your name

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