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Date: Tue Apr 12 05:02:35 2022
Subject: 22.04.12 Post-doc/Senior scientist position in Structural Bioinformatics, Munich, Germany
Applications are invited for a post-doc or senior scientist position
available to start not later than fall 2022 (date to be decided upon
mutual agreement). The salary takes into account the level of experience
and family status. The position is renewable for up to six years.

We are based at the University of Munich, Germany, at the Faculty of
Chemistry and Pharmacy. The Chair of Chemical Biology for drug research
headed by Prof. Ivan Huc develops synthetic aromatic foldamers with
defined shapes for applications in various areas with a focus on specific
interactions with biological targets.

See also the group website:
And recent references on aromatic foldamers:

The Post-Doc/Senior scientist will be in charge of expanding molecular
modeling platforms (e.g. Rosetta) to design helical aromatic foldamers
to interact with protein targets, and of performing/coordinating foldamer
design. She/he will be embedded in a laboratory focused on experimental
research in collaboration with other groups doing computations.

Desired profile: 
Background: PhD in Bioinformatics, Computational Chemistry or
Computational Biology.
Skills in programming (Python and C++) are required. Skills in database
integration is a plus. Experience in molecular modeling of protein
and/or DNA structure and dynamics, structural bioinformatics and data
analysis; familiar with molecular modeling software, database and
web-based tools; experience with Rosetta is a plus.
Soft skills & motivation: Creative, self-disciplined, independent, wish
to work in a multidisciplinary environment at the chemistry-biology

LMU promotes the career of women in areas in which they have been
underrepresented. Female candidates are encouraged to apply. Applications
by suitable candidates with severe disabilities and other applicants
with equal legal status are likewise most welcome.

Send a CV and motivation letter and ask reference letters to be sent by
e-mail to Prof. Ivan Huc (ivan.huc(!)

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