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Date: Thu Mar 31 12:55:15 2022
Subject: 22.03.31 Post-Doctoral Computational Scientist (Chicago USA)
Description: The Kekenes-Huskey Lab ( at the 
Stritch School of Medicine (SSOM)/Loyola University Chicago (LUC) seeks 
post-doctoral scientists with a passion for changing paradigms in 
understanding human disease using computational approaches. Our lab studies 
how inflammation, the bodys natural defense mechanism against pathogens and 
tissue damage, is controlled by calcium-signaling. We use computational 
techniques such as molecular dynamics, systems biology, and reaction 
diffusion simulations. These techniques are applied to calcium-dependent 
processes at the molecular, cellular, and inter-cellular scales. We evaluate 
computational models developed in the lab against protein and cellular 
experiments that are conducted by us and with colleagues in LUCs Department 
of Cell and Molecular Physiology. Several projects are currently funded by 
the National Institutes of Health (NIH)- and American Heart Association 
(AHA), including nucleotide-triggered immune responses in cells, ion channel 
tracking, and biophysics of membrane-bound ion transporters.

Qualifications: Expertise in molecular dynamics simulations and related 
computational methodologies. A Ph.D. or equivalent degree in Physics, 
Chemistry, Biophysics, Engineering, or related disciplines. Strong expertise 
in molecular simulation applications reflected by publication record. 
Competency in scientific programming (python, R, or C++). Excellent written 
and oral communication. Experience working in a team and as a mentor.

Opportunities: The scholar will interact with experimental labs in the 
Stritch School of Medicine, with the potential for collaborations both 
within and beyond the United States. Our lab will provide training in 
machine learning, systems modeling, statistical mechanics, computer vision, 
and software development, in addition to manuscript and proposal writing. 
Former lab members have gone on to establish academic research labs and 
senior roles in industry. The position is available immediately and will 
remain open until filled. 

About Loyola and Chicago: The Stritch School of Medicine excels in the 
scholarship and education of biomedical scientists and medical personnel. 
Research groups are predominantly located in the Center for Translational 
Research and Education (CTRE), a newly-constructed, LEED-certified building. 
CTRE is immediately adjacent to the SSOM Cuneo Center building and the 
Loyola University Medical Center. Researchers have access to high 
performance computing facilities, state-of-the-art microscopy and mass 
spectrometry instrumentation, tissue culture rooms, small animal facilities 
and standard equipment for the characterization of nucleic acids, proteins, 
cells, and tissue. Chicago is a world-renown metropolis known for its 
remarkable cuisine, museums, music, and sports. It is home to several major 
universities including Loyola University Chicago, Northwestern University, 
and University of Chicago, as well as a vibrant biomedical industry 
(Abbott Laboratories, Baxter International, AbbVie, and Tempus). Chicago 
has an extensive public transit system and is an international hub with a 
reasonable cost of living.
If you wish to apply, email with your resume/CV.
Please feel free to contact us at 708-327-2744 if you have any questions 
about the position.
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