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Date: Wed Mar 30 10:38:28 2022
Subject: 22.03.30 A.I. & Data Scientist Position, PharmCADD
Job Summary
PharmCADD is a fast-growing A.I. & Physics-based drug discovery company in 
South Korea. We are looking for a highly motivated Research Scientist and 
Senior Scientist with experience in protein structure prediction and 
AI-based drug design. She/he will be responsible for developing cutting 
edge deep learning algorithms for protein structure prediction and drug 
generation, evaluating and adding to current Data Science pipelines, and 
exploring opportunities for the application of A.I. in the drug design.


- Develop and implement Deep Learning algorithms for RNA structure 
prediction, protein-protein interaction and drug projects.

- Experience and expertise with Deep Learning algorithms (LSTM, CNN, etc.).

- Experienced in working with and handling biomolecular data, especially 
protein/RNA structure data.

- Proficiency in Python, TensorFlow, Keras and scientific computing 
packages such as NumPy.

- Experience with Biology/Pharmacology will be a big plus.

- Excellent communication and presentation skills.

Salary and benefit
- PharmCADD offers an industry leading competitive compensation package.

- Salary will be commensurate with track record and job experience level.

- Benefit package includes paid holidays, health insurance, stock option, 
company supported retirement plan, and housing support.
Application Procedure
- Send your application to with a cover letter including 
your motivation and qualification for the applied position 

- Attach a recent CV with a full list of publications and patents

- Send separate application packages for each position that you are 
applying for.

- Website:

- Application due date: 30th SEP 2022
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