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Date: Wed Mar 30 10:51:03 2022
Subject: 22.03.30 Immunoinformatics Scientist, PharmCADD
Job Summary
We are seeking an extremely talented and motivated individual for a position 
of Immunoinformatics Scientist. The successful candidate will work on 
several projects centering on the discovery of immunology, glycobiology, 
predicting antigens and improving the mechanistic understanding of 
immunity to viral infections. The work will support PharmVAC platform 
development teams for decision making and addressing key scientific 
challenges. The Immunoinformatics Scientist will work on multi-scale 
high-dimensional datasets and help to develop/implement advanced 
Immunoinformatic approaches with cutting-edge machine-learning algorithms 
to facilitate Vaccine Science, bridging between early-phase vaccine/drug 
development and late-phase clinical trials. The successful candidate 
should have the capacity for innovation and risk-taking in order to 
accommodate the fast-paced development of data analysis in recently 
emerging omics technologies. 

- Perform, process, analyze and interpret immunological related data 

- Implement and develop analytics approaches, including transcriptome, 
proteome, epigenome, and metabolome from RNA-seq for multiple omics data. 

- Landscape and conduct integrated analysis of the published omics 
datasets for hypotheses generation and for test.

- Work as part of a team to establish an automated workflow for data 
processing and integration in a cloud environment.

- Work collaboratively with teams for analytics pipeline development, 
including but not limited to multi-omics data analysis, machine-learning 
model, network analysis and benchmark. 

- Interpret, report and prepare for publication using the results from 
independent and collaborative research.

- Ph.Ds degree with 0-2 years of experience in a related field 
(Immunology, Immunoinformatics, Computational Biology, Bioengineering). 

- Strong molecular biology and immunology experience is required; working 
knowledge of Glycobiology are required; knowledge of 
immunogenicity/antigenicity prediction is a great plus

- Experience with analyses of next-generation sequencing data is highly 

- Experience with high-performance computing cluster and working in 
a Linux environment is a plus

- Experience with programming, machine learning, network analysis and/or 
statistical models is a plus

- Capability for interpretation and innovative analyses of large 
biological datasets

- Ability to communicate technical information and scientific concepts in 
a clear manner. 

Salary and benefit
- PharmCADD offers an industry leading competitive compensation package.

- Salary will be commensurate with track record and job experience level.

- Benefit package includes paid holidays, health insurance, stock option, 
company supported retirement plan, and housing support.
Application Procedure
- Send your application to hr!=! with a cover letter including 
your motivation and qualification for the applied position 

- Attach a recent CV with a full list of publications and patents

- Send separate application packages for each position that you are 
applying for.

- Website:

- Application due date: 30rd SEP 2022
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