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Date: Thu Mar 31 03:04:35 2022
Subject: 22.03.30 PhD in Computational Chemistry, Drug Design Position, PharmCADD
Job Summary
We are seeking an exceptional Computational Chemist with deep knowledge 
in in silico tools for drug discovery who is creative and loves first 
principles-based challenges.

He/she will be responsible for the development and implementation of 
computational / AI models to increase the capabilities of our proprietary 
drug development platform, which has the potential to disrupt the 
existing drug discovery and clinical trial process.

- Enhance our understanding of SAR and material properties and influence 
team strategy by assimilating and interpreting data using modeling and 
data-mining technologies.

- Apply and develop new approaches for biasing molecular designs using 
machine learning, scoring functions, and multiple-endpoint optimization 

- Apply a wide variety of drug design and computational chemistry methods 
to improve potency, selectivity, and ADME properties while minimizing 
toxicological risk.

- Maintain and develop working knowledge of contemporary computational 
chemistry and cheminformatics methods and their use in ligand design 
and data analysis.

- Enable solutions (databases, toolkits and methods) for internal use 
and implement cutting-edge published scientific methods as Generative 
Adversarial Network (GAN), Reinforcement Learning, and Variant 
AutoEncoder et al.  

- PhD in Computational Chemistry or equivalent experience.

- Proven track-record to work with and develop modern and classical 
cheminformatics methods.

- In depth experience with open-source cheminformatics toolkits such as 
RDKit & CDK, and familiarity with tools such as Pipeline Pilot or KNIME 
is a plus.

- Programming experience (preferred Python) and high-performance 
computing environments.

- Experience with machine learning (supervised and unsupervised), active 
learning, statistical design of experiments, multi-objective modeling and 
QSAR techniques.

- Knowledge and experience in ADME modelling is a plus.

- Hands on experience with web services, database integration and the 
integration of open-source code to produce solutions in a global 
enterprise environment ranging from fast prototyping to production 
quality level.

- Ability to collaborate with multidisciplinary team.

- A passion for tackling challenging problems and developing creative 

Salary and benefit
- PharmCADD offers an industry leading competitive compensation package.

- Salary will be commensurate with track record and job experience level.

- Benefit package includes paid holidays, health insurance, stock option, 
company supported retirement plan, and housing support.
Application Procedure
- Send your application to with a cover letter including 
your motivation and qualification for the applied position 

- Attach a recent CV with a full list of publications and patents

- Send separate application packages for each position that you are 
applying for.

- Website :

- Application due date: 30st Sep 2022
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