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Date: Tue Jun 30 09:46:22 2020
Subject: 20.06.30 Applications Scientist, SilcsBio LLC
At SilcsBio we are passionate about accelerating the pace of drug discovery. 
We are scientists, chemists, programmers, and innovators developing and 
utilizing next generation computer-aided drug design for end-to-end solutions
in small molecule and biologics development. We are seeking a Senior 
Applications Scientist to manage customer service projects as well as support
technical software sales. We enable drug discovery scientists to discover new
drug candidates, optimize lead compound candidates, and facilitate the 
formulation of protein-based drugs using a patented physics- and 
structure-based approach.

* Work as part of a dynamic, inclusive, and eager team who will support your
  professional development, rise to challenges with you, and grow together
* Use our in-house software and third-party commercial modeling software as 
  well as various open-source software packages to carry out tasks in a 
  timely fashion
* Interface with customers for technical support and sales
* Perform molecular modeling, including
  1. Molecular dynamics simulations and analysis of receptor/ligand complexes
  2. SILCS simulations and FragMap generation using our GCMC/MD technology
  3. Pharmacophore and SILCS-based database screening
  4. Allosteric binding site identification and characterization
  5. Fragment-based drug design and development
  6. RMSD and chemical fingerprint cluster analysis
  7. SILCS Lead compound optimization 
  8. SILCS Biologics protein-based drug formulation
  9. Calculation of ligand physiochemical properties for bioavailability
* Benchmark performance of various computational binding affinity methods
* Contribute to the maintenance, implementation, and development of the SILCS 
  code base

* Ph.D. in Chemistry, Biology, Pharmaceutical disciplines, or related fields
* Robust understanding of molecular modeling in the areas of computational 
  chemistry, biology, and biophysics
* Strong background in predictive science including using modeling tools for 
  structure based-drug design, macromolecule design, and antibody modeling
* Expertise in Bash and Python scripting
* Experience with scientific software maintenance and development, with 
  expertise in C/C++ desire
* Familiarity with high-performance computing (HPC) environments
* Ability to work and communicate with customers regularly

Our offices are located at the center of the entrepreneurial renaissance of 
Baltimore, giving you the opportunity to interact with some of the nations 
most exciting technology companies. 

Please send your resume and cover letter to Alex.Meltzer _
Please send your resume and cover letter to Alex.Meltzer _
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