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Date: Mon Jun 29 12:00:14 2020
Subject: 20.06.29 DevOps engineer / all-round computer scientist at SCM, Amsterdam (NL)
For our computational chemistry & materials science software company SCM (, based 
in Amsterdam, we're looking for an all-round computer scientist as DevOps engineer. 

We are currently implementing scalable software development processes that allow for further 
sustainable growth in the future. To support this, we now create a job opening with prospect of 
permanent employment for an all-round computer scientist as DevOps engineer, 
preferably with experience in Continuous Integration and Deployment. 

Together with our software architects and system administrator you will work on defining and 
technically supporting scalable automated software development processes that allow us to get 
our software quickly and reliably from our scientific software engineers to thousands of industrial 
and academic end users around the world.

Job requirements
* Practical experience in (automated) building (compiling, linking, packaging) complex, 
multi-component, mixed-language software packages for a wide variety of systems: 
from a Windows laptop, through Mac workstations, to Linux supercomputers and the cloud.
* Practical experience with software development processes and standard tools to implement them: 
version control (Git, Subversion), continuous integration and deployment (e.g. Jenkins), 
issue trackers (Jira), 
* Excellent knowledge of and experience with Python.

What we offer
This position will initially be for one year but is intended to be become permanent.
The position is available immediately but there is flexibility concerning the starting date.
Competitive salary related to experience, bonus, as well as relocation costs and secondary benefits 
(including pension fund)
34 holidays per year on top of national holidays.
Flexible working hours and the ability to occasionally work remotely.
This is a full-time (preferred) or part-time (at least 0.7 FTE) position based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Tax benefits (part of salary tax-free) may apply.

The working environment at SCM
The friendly working atmosphere at SCM is that of an informal small team of PhD-level researchers 
and scientific software developers doing intellectually challenging work. This environment provides 
much freedom and responsibility for shaping your own work. Originating as a spin-off company of 
the VU University, Amsterdam, SCM has its office space on the VU campus. We also extensively 
collaborate with a growing number of academic groups and household-name industrial partners 

SCM is a science-focused company which has been around for more than 25 years. It is financially 
solid, free of debt, growing, and profitable. We are located in Amsterdam, the very lively, internationally 
oriented, and enjoyable capital of The Netherlands. Thanks to its high quality of living and dynamism, 
Amsterdam has been elected as best European tech city and 4th most dynamic European city to work 
in, best city for Millennials to live, and it consistently ranks high in Mercers annual Quality of Living surveys (11th best in the world, in 2019).

Full job details:
Those interested in this position are encouraged to contact us at for further information. 
Job applications can be sent by email to the same address until 31 July, 2020, but preferably sooner, or
until the position has been filled. Applications should contain a CV, a cover letter explaining the 
motivation for applying and, if applicable, a list of software projects worked on (with own contribution 
specified). References and source code may be requested at a later stage. The accompanying email 
should briefly stress already a few key reasons why you might be the most suitable person for the 
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