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Date: Thu Feb 20 04:07:20 2020
Subject: 20.02.20 PhD scholarships, University of Queensland: Prediction of new electrolytes for improved electrical energy storage
This project aims to predict the properties of electrolyte solutions in order to develop improved
energy storage devices. Electrolyte solutions play a central and fundamental role in a huge range of 
important systems and applications. They carry the electrical currents that make life possible, 
they control the chemical properties of the ocean such as its acidity and ability to absorb carbon 
dioxide. They also carry the electrical current between the positive and negative terminals of a battery.
Optimising the electrolyte is, therefore, crucial to improving the stability, charging rate and lifetime of 
batteries. To do this we need accurate predictive models of the properties of electrolyte solutions. 
Unfortunately, we still cannot predict even the most basic properties of electrolytes solutions from
first principles.

In this project, we will use state of the art computational techniques to directly simulate electrolyte 
solutions and calculate their properties. We will then use these simulations to improve approximate 
models that can rapidly predict the properties of many different electrolyte solutions. These models
will then be used to identify suitable candidate electrolytes for use in real energy storage devices. By
joining this project, the successful candidate will have an excellent opportunity to develop skills in
programming, computational chemistry and energy storage technology. The candidate will have the 
opportunity to work with Australian Laureate professors at the University of Queensland.

$28,092 per annum tax-free (2020 rate), indexed annually. Single Overseas Student Health Cover
 (OSHC, approximately $3,800) will also be available for international students.

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