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Date: Mon Jan 27 18:17:45 2020
Subject: 20.01.27 Computational Chemist, New Equilibrium Biosciences, Boston, MA
New Equilibrium Biosciences is developing a hybrid computational-experimental platform 
that will empower the discovery of drugs targeting "undruggable" targets. We are 
looking for a Computational Chemist with a PhD or postdoc to join us starting in Winter 
or Spring 2020. You should have experience in molecular dynamics simulations, strong 
knowledge of quantum chemistry,  and a passion for computational and experimental 
synergy, drug discovery, and entrepreneurship.

Required Qualifications:
- PhD in Computational Chemistry, Computational Biology, Machine Learning with 
  biology/chemistry focus, or a related field
- Expertise in designing and running molecular dynamics simulations
- Excellent oral and written communication skills
- Positive attitude
- Passion for New Equilibrium's goals
- Ability to work independently and rigorously
- Desire to collaborate closely with experimentalists

Desired Qualifications:
- Postdoc/Industry experience related to Computational Chemistry, 
  Drug Discovery/Development, Machine Learning, or a related field
- Experience in force field development/parameterization
- Deep understanding of quantum chemistry
- Experience in cloud computing
- Understanding of protein structure, dynamics, and function

Along with research, you should be excited to:
- Assist with early-stage business development and hiring
- Prepare figures/slides for external presentations
- Learn on the fly
- Balance diverse tasks
- Help shape the culture of New Equilibrium Biosciences
Please contact contact]![ with your CV and cover letter if 
interested by February 12th. We look forward to hearing from you!
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