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Date: Mon Jan 27 15:48:55 2020
Subject: 20.01.27 Cheminformatics Scientist (209420W-01), Corteva Agroscience, Indianapolis, IN

Cheminformatics Scientist (209420W-01), Corteva Agroscience, Indianapolis, IN

Here at Corteva Agriscience, we are growing what matters by powering innovation in agriscience and enriching lives across the globe. We are recruiting for a Cheminformatics Scientist to join our growing Predictive Safety Center in Indianapolis, Indiana. In this role, you will be responsible for developing novel predictive computational chemistry/cheminformatics tools and applying them (along with existing tools) to assess the safety profile of discovery-phase new active ingredients and agricultural products.

Primary Responsibilities:
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The successful candidate will serve as a Cheminformatics Scientist in our Predictive Safety Center within Crop Protection Regulatory Sciences with responsibilities in the designing and screening of new active ingredients and products in the discovery phase; this includes:

  • Developing and applying of various models (QSAR, pharmacophore, etc.) to predict hazard and exposure endpoints and direct testing strategy for safety assessment of discovery molecules;
  • Applying modern computational methods to develop QSAR relationships and predictive ADMET technologies for multi-parameter optimization of discovery-phase molecules;
  • Evaluating and validating external software and models for the application within the agrochemical sector;
  • Designing and developing in silico methods for safety assessment of discovery molecules using existing internal and external datasets;
  • Creating methodologies to integrate large data sets to investigate linkages between toxicological and ecotoxicological adverse effects and chemical structure and sub-sturcutre;
  • Developing a relational context between likely moieties and chemical structure and sub-structures).
  • Collaborating with internal computational chemists and data scientists, academia, government, and industrial partners to explore and implement new in silico capabilities;
  • Developing and managing a variety of cheminformatics databases related to the needs of human health and environmental safety assessment;
  • Partnering with and guiding scientists in the use of predictive computational and cheminformatics tools for analog screening.


  • PhD in computational chemistry, cheminformatics, or related discipline with 3+ years of post-doctoral and/or industrial experience in QSAR modeling and Read-Across;
  • Advanced knowledge of cheminformatics principles, computational chemistry, and their application to agricultural or pharmaceutical discovery projects;
  • Experience with Pipeline Pilot and/or KNIME in cheminformatics and QSAR;
  • Experience in cheminformatics database management;
  • Proficiency in small molecule ligand discovery and cheminformatics techniques including molecular modeling, docking, pharmacophore modeling, QSAR, clustering, fingerprint & shape-based database search, and virtual screening;
  • Strong hands-on experience with molecular modeling suites such as MOE, Discovery Studio, ADMET Predictor and Schrodinger;
  • Working knowledge of modern techniques and approaches in statistical modeling, machine learning, and data visualization. Strong written and oral communication skills that allow dissemination of complex technical issues in a clear, concise manner to a variety of scientific and non-scientific audiences;
  • Keen interest in working in a dynamic, exciting industry and applying scientific information for protection of human and environmental health.


  • Proficiency in programming with Python, R or Javascript is a plus

Who are we, and what do we do?
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