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Date: Tue Jan 7 03:25:10 2020
Subject: 20.01.07 Postdoc in Machine Learning in Quantum Chemistry
A post-doctoral position is open in the group of Dr. Pavlo Dral
in College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Xiamen University
for the development of cutting-edge machine learning and quantum chemistry
methods. Contract duration is 2 years.

The ideal candidate should be independent, creative, highly motivated, and
willing to take up an ambitious challenge. The candidate must have
experience with quantum chemistry method and software development.
Experience with machine learning is preferable. PhD degree in chemistry
or related field is required. Good skills in Fortran and Python, and a good
command of English are expected. All candidates will be evaluated based
exclusively on merit; no preferences will be given to any gender,
nationality, family situation etc.

Xiamen University is an excellent place for conducting research and living.
It is family-friendly with a kindergarten on the campus and a primary school
near the campus. Starting salary is 200,000 RMB per year and may be
increased based on performance. The University does its best to offer for
renting a low-cost accommodation on the campus or nearby.

More information about the groups research can be found on

See the original post on the group's webpage on
Applications (CV & list of publications) should be sent directly to
Dr. Pavlo Dral (dral!=!
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