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Date: Mon Dec 23 09:28:16 2019
Subject: 19.12.23 3-YEAR POSTDOC POSITION in (COARSE-GRAINED) MOLECULAR DYNAMICS, Groningen, The Netherlands
The Onck-group at the University of Groningen in The Netherlands has an opening for a 
post-doctoral position in the field of (coarse-grained) molecular dynamics of proteins and 
nucleic acids. The university of Groningen is a top-100 university, (see and one of the oldest universities in
The Netherlands. The post-doc position is part of the oLife Fellowship Programme, a joint 
initiative by seven research institutes in The Netherlands for interdisciplinary research on 
fundamental questions concerning the origin and evolution of life. 

We are looking for ambitious scientists who are ready for their next career step and who 
can come up with an original and innovative idea for an interdisciplinary research project in the 
host group. Also, you should be curious to learn how to make the necessary crossovers 
between your field and other fields, as interdisciplinary collaboration is important in this 
fellowship programme.

The applicants are requested to write their own project proposal. This makes the positions 
extra attractive as there are no predefined projects. Like this the applicant can tailor 
the proposal to match his/her own expertise and those available in the host lab. 
If you are interested, please contact Prof.dr. P.R. Onck at p.r.onck(at) For information 
on the Onck-lab please visit or 

To be qualified, the candidate will not have resided in the Netherlands for more than 12 
months during the 3 years prior to January 26, 2020. For details on the programme, please 
visit the website: The deadline for proposals is 26 January 2020.

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