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Date: Mon Dec 2 10:30:16 2019
Subject: 19.12.02 Postdoc in bioinspired catalyst design at MIT
A postdoctoral position is available immediately in the group of Prof. Heather Kulik at MIT. The position will 
focus on research in the area of biomimetic/bioinspired catalyst design. The research involves the 
simulation of metalloenzymes for evaluation of mechanism, extraction of design rules, and 
identification of a biological design blueprint. Further simulations of biomimetic molecular catalysts 
and materials as well as informatics-based screening of both biological and nonbiological catalysts 
will be another key component of the project. The ideal candidate will have experience with classical 
molecular dynamics, multi-scale QM/MM and QM cluster modeling of enzymes, and/or reaction 
pathway analysis. This project involves collaboration with and frequent discussions/preparation of 
reports for an industrial sponsor. Organized presentations and time management skills to meet 
deadlines will be required. This overall project involves high-throughput screening, machine learning,
and biomimetic catalyst design, with enzyme design rules being encapsulated into functional materials.
This project will align closely with and leverage the groups software developments in high-throughput 
screening and machine learning in transition metal catalysis. This project is an ideal fit for a candidate 
with expertise in simulation of both biological and non-biological catalysts and an interest in 
developing expertise in high-throughput and machine learning tools.

MIT is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, centrally located in a vibrant Boston-area science and 
technology industry sector and numerous other universities. Postdoctoral associates are paid at 
standard MIT-designated rates commensurate with experience, and benefits include affordable 
health insurance and 15+ designated vacation days per year above institute holidays.
Interested applicants should send an email to Prof. Kulik (hjkulik at that includes 1) a C.V., 
2) current employment status (if already a postdoc) or planned date of graduation (if completing PhD) 
and availability for starting, and 3) names of at least two references.
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