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Date: Sat Jun 8 04:32:49 2019
Subject: 19.06.07 Postdoc, computational chemistry cancer research, Linnaeus University, Kalmar, Sweden
A two-year position as a postdoctoral research fellow is offered 
at the computational chemistry and biochemistry group, Linnaeus University, 
Kalmar, Sweden. The head of the group is associate professor Ran Friedman.

The research project deals with understanding of drug resistance in cancer 
at the molecular level. You will use computer simulations to study 
variations in proteins that are important to the development of tumour 
cells that become drug resistant. To this end, you will collaborate with 
theoretical and experimental researchers within the field.

See for details about the group.

Qualification requirements

To be qualified for appointment you must holds a PhD, or a foreign degree 
equivalent to a PhD, and you must have completed your degree no more than 
three years before the application deadline.

Assessment criteria

The candidate should have obtained a Ph. D. in chemistry, or 
a related subject. To be eligible for this position it is also required to
 be fluent in oral and written English. Proven record of peer reviewed 
publications in internationally renowned journals within the subject is 
also a requirement.

The following are considered as an advantage when applying for the 

Proven experience with molecular simulations
Experience with working in a Unix- or Linux-based high performance 
computing unit or centre.
Working knowledge of enhanced sampling simulation methods.

See the advertisement at the Linnaeus University website:
Applications are accepted only at the Linnaeus University website.
Applications by email will not be considered.

Applicants should submit a CV, diplomas (B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.). A short 
motivation (No more than one A4 page, font size 12) explaining the desire 
to work in the current project should be included. Finally, contact 
information (phone number and e-mail) for at least two reference persons 
should be given. Please apply through See the the 
advertisement at the Linnaeus University website:

Last day for application is July 22, 2019
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