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Date: Tue May 7 10:01:02 2019
Subject: 19.05.07 NRC Postdoctoral Associateship opportunities in the application of AI to chemistry
Qualified applicants are invited to apply for postdoctoral research 
opportunities at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in 
Gaithersburg, Maryland.  The aim of our group is to use artificial 
intelligence to understand chemistry.  Our current research objective 
is to design and train deep neural networks to understand the structure 
of chemicals and chemical reactions in a manner similar to how humans 
learn chemistry, but over sets of data that are much larger than can be 
understood by a single human.  The resulting networks would then be 
used to comprehensively predict chemical reactions and properties, and 
potentially understand particular reaction classes at a deeper level 
than current scientific knowledge. A particular application would be to 
generate theoretical spectra for molecules not yet included in the NIST 
mass spectral libraries, used by many thousands of scientists worldwide.

NIST is a center for measurement excellence, and, as a result, has 
available for this research large sets of high quality data on chemical 
structures and chemical reactions essential for deep learning.  NIST 
also provides excellent computational support, including a substantial 
GPU compute cluster.

The successful applicant would have an opportunity to interact with the 
large community of chemists, physicists and computer scientists at 
NIST.  A growing artificial intelligence interest group at NIST holds 
regular meetings.

It is not a requirement to be a chemist to apply for this position.  
Computer scientists, physicists, and scientists from related 
disciplines will be well qualified.  US citizenship is required.  
The base stipend for NRC associateships at NIST is $72,028 with a 
travel allowance of $3,000.  The awards are made on a competitive 
basis, whereby each applicant submits an original research proposal 
that is approved by the sponsoring adviser and evaluated by an NRC 
appointed panel.
The NRC Associateships are conducted by the National Institutes of 
Science, Engineering and Medicine.  Application information can be 
found at  This 
opportunity can be found at
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