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Date: Mon Apr 8 12:13:07 2019
Subject: 19.04.08 Postdoctoral position in theoretical biophysics, Bergen, Norway
Postdoc position in theoretical biophysics at University of Bergen, Norway 
(0)Reuter group, Department of Chemistry and Computational Biology Unit

The candidate hired for this position will use molecular dynamics simulations 
to map interactions between a selection of peripheral proteins (or peptides) and lipids. The
person recruited will also perform free energy calculations to quantify the energetics of a 
selection of interfacial protein-lipid interactions.

The PePrMInt project is funded by the Norwegian Research Council  (2019-2023). It is a 
multidisciplinary project lead by Prof. Nathalie Reuter with collaborations with Christine 
Orengo (UCL, London), Chris Chipot (Univ. Lorraine, France & Urbana-Champaign, Illinois), 
Anne-Claude Gavin (EMBL, Heidelberg), Willy Nerdal and Bengt Erik Haug (Chemistry Dpt, UiB).
We aim at mapping structural elements and amino acid distributions at membrane-binding 
sites of peripheral membrane proteins. The project will develop bioinformatics resources 
and statistical frameworks for the analysis and prediction of peripheral proteins, and 
investigate energetic contributions of protein-lipid interactions. The project will hire a 
PhD student (for solid-state NMR experiments), one software developer and two 
postdoctoral researchers, one in theoretical biophysics (this position) and one in protein

Requirements to be qualified for the position:

** hold a PhD in theoretical chemistry, theoretical biophysics or theoretical physics, or have 
submitted their doctoral thesis for assessment prior to the application deadline. PhD must have 
been awarded by the time of employment;
** knowledge of statistical thermodynamics;
** comprehensive experience with molecular dynamics simulations and free energy calculations.

In addition, having experience with biomolecular atomistic and coarse grained force fields, with 
simulations of lipid bilayers and membrane proteins and/or with the Charmm and NAMD simulation 
packages will be an advantage.

Deadline for application: 30.04.2019
Start date: from August 2019
Duration of employment: 3 years

More information about the work of the group, as well as a list of our publications, can be found at:

Contact: Nathalie.Reuter(0)
More information and application form:

All applications have to be sent using the form at the above-mentioned link. Applications sent by 
email only will not be considered.
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