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Date: Wed Dec 19 18:45:37 2018
Subject: 18.12.19 Postdoc in Molecular Modeling at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Available immediately a postdoctoral position in the group of professor Maria Kurnikova 
at the chemistry department at Carnegie Mellon university.

The goal is to develop computational approaches to model various aspects of functioning of large biomolecules and their complexes,
including ionotropic glutamate receptors, RNA/protein interactions and non-heme metal conteining protein catalists. 
The position is funded by grants from NIH and NSF and is available immediately. 
The initial appointment will be for 1 year with possible extension to multiple years. 
The salary is generous at NIH level of postdoctoral fellowships.

Recent high resolution structures of ionotropic glutamate receptors allow us to develop quantitative understanding 
of these receptors function mechanisms and allosteric regulation. Ionotropic glutamate receptors are the main conduits 
of excitatory signaling in brain and thus are important for memory, learning and other higher brain function. 
They are drug targets in a variety of neurodegenerative diseases as well as in ischemic events. 
We are collaborating with structural biologists and electrophysiologists to model their functions and drug interactions. 
All projects in my group will require versatile application of multiple methods of computational 
chemistry and molecular modeling as well as development of new methodological approaches
and software. 

The successful candidate will have extensive experience in modern advanced methods of molecular modelling and simulations, 
and statistical mechanics 
and will hold a PhD in physics, chemistry, quantitative biology, applied mathematics, or a closely related field, 
with a strong interest in biological systems. 

Experience with modeling membrane associated proteins and ion channels is a plus. 
Methodologically, experience with coarsed-grained models, continuum electrostatics,
quantum chemistry or bioinformatics is a plus.
Please email your cover letter, CV and list 2-3 persons to recommend you 
to professor Maria Kurnikova at kurnikova at
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