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Date: Wed Dec 12 14:38:52 2018
Subject: 18.12.12 Postdoc in computational materials science/electrocatalysis
Title: Postdoc position in computational materials science/electrocatalysis

Fields: theoretical/computational chemical physics and materials
    science, statistical mechanics and thermodynamics, high-performance computing

Description: a postdoc position is available immediately in the
   group of theory and simulation of condensed matter at the
   University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Department of Chemical and
   Biomolecular Engineering (Lincoln, USA).

The research requires application of quantum-mechanical based
simulations and machine learning techniques through
high-performance computing to understand atomistic mechanisms
and kinetics of electrocatalytic processes for materials
discovery and prediction.

The position requires most of the following:
	Strong background in solid-state physics, quantum mechanics,
        molecular dynamics, (electro)chemistry

	Demonstrated record of research productivity

	Experience with high-performance computing

	Experience in using major quantum-chemical/solid-state physics
        simulation packages (VASP, Quantum ESPRESSO, Abinit, CASTEP,

	Experience in programming/scripting in Linux/Unix environment
        such as Python and machine learning techniques

	Excellent oral and written communication skills
To apply, e-mail cover letter, current resume with a
complete list of your publications and the names and contact
information of two references to:

E-mail: valexandrov2^
Dr. Vitaly Alexandrov 
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
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