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Date: Fri Nov 16 04:43:04 2018
Subject: 18.11.16 Postdoc and Senior Researcher Positions at Uppsala University
The Kamerlin Lab is a computational biochemistry lab at Uppsala University. The main 
focus of our research is on using computational tools to understand the chemical basis
for complex biomolecular problems, with a particular focus on understanding the regulation
of enzyme catalysis, and on understanding how new enzyme functions evolve.

We are currently seeking up to two postdoctoral and up to two senior researchers to join 
our team. The postdoctoral fellowships are two year positions, and the senior researcher
positions are one year positions. To be eligible for these positions, candidates must have:

* PhD in a STEM discipline.

* A strong background in computational chemistry and/or computational biology, with 
experience in one or more of the techniques used in the Kamerlin lab, which include both
standard and enhanced molecular dynamics simulations, empirical valence bond and 
QM/MM simulations, free energy calculations, structural bioinformatics and machine l
earning techniques.

* Either: (1) experience in modeling enzyme reaction mechanisms and/or enzyme 
function-dynamics relationships, in particular in the context of understanding enzyme 
evolution, or (2) experience in using enhanced sampling approaches (such as replica 
exchange or metadynamics) to study biomolecular systems, with particular preference
 given to studies of the role of conformational dynamics in enzyme engineering or evolution.

* Excellent communication skills in written and spoken English, as well as publications of 
a high scientific standard (assessed according to the DORA principles, see

* Good collaborative skills, such as working with others or in a team.

In addition, according to university regulations, in order to be eligible for the postdoctoral
positions, candidates must be within 3 years of the award of their PhD degrees. However,
there is no time limit on years since PhD for the senior researcher positions.

More information about the positions, as well as the link to the application portal, can be
found at the following links:

Postdoctoral positions:

Senior researcher positions:

More information about our research can be found on
Uppsala University operates a centralized application system. Please do not send your 
applications to us directly, but apply through the online application portal, by following
the links provided above to each of the postdoctoral and senior researcher positions.

For questions, please contact Lynn Kamerlin, lynn.kamerlin[at]
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