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Date: Wed Oct 31 11:34:28 2018
Subject: 18.10.26 Scientist I / Scientist II Cheminformatics, Biogen, US
We are seeking a creative and self-motivated cheminformatics scientist with 
excellent communication skills to join the Computational Chemistry group at 
Biogen. The successful candidate will work independently, and in close 
collaboration with discovery scientists during the hit identification, 
profiling and optimization stages in support of ongoing medicinal chemistry

The preferred candidate will be required to have demonstrated expertise in 
cheminformatics and excellent programming skills:
* Solid knowledge and demonstrated expertise in building predictive 
  models using statistical and machine learning methods. 
  Working knowledge of molecular descriptors (e.g. 2D/3D fingerprints). 
* Experience with analyzing large internal, public and commercial datasets 
  and with visualization of complex data types.
* Experience in the creation of data workflows as well as data analysis and 
* Excellent knowledge in at least one programming or scripting language 
  (Python, Perl, Java, R and R-Shiny).
* Experience with workflow applications and data analytics software 
  (Pipeline Pilot, Knime, Spotfire, Vortex).
* Commitment and ability to work effectively as part of a multidisciplinary 
  team is a must.  
* 2-5 years postdoctoral experience

* Working knowledge of the following software packages: RDKit, OpenEye, 
  Schrdinger suite or MOE is a plus.
* Experience in chemical biology (either from a data analysis or 
  experimental perspective) is desirable.
* Experience with pathway analysis and related bioinformatics methods 
  is a plus.
* Track record of publications, patents, and/or scientific presentations.
* 3-5 years of drug discovery experience in industry.

Ph.D. in a computational field (e.g., cheminformatics, computational 
chemistry or biology, computer science) with a background in chemistry 
or PhD in chemistry/biochemistry with a computational emphasis is required.
Please apply at and enter the
following job requisition number: 35821BR
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