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Date: Thu Oct 25 12:19:31 2018
Subject: 18.10.25 Research Scientist - Cheminformatics, UCB Pharma, UK
At UCB everything we do starts with a simple question: How will this make
a difference to the lives of people living with severe diseases? We do 
that by connecting with patients and their families around the world living
with the physical and social burdens of severe disease of the immune system
and the central nervous system. Those connections offer new perspectives, 
drive innovation, and offer the hope of a new generation of therapies that 
will help to transform lives.


We are seeking a self-motivated candidate to join our Computer-Aided Drug 
Design (CADD) team within Global Chemistry as a cheminformatics specialist.
This position is located at our UK research site in Slough, UK.


Independently and skillfully execute cheminformatics work with a high level
of proactivity and can-do attitude. Work as a team member alongside 
therapeutic project colleagues in Chemistry and in other departments. 
Actively seek to understand project-wide issues and contribute ideas 
openly and clearly.

Expand your knowledge of cheminformatics and computational chemistry 
through appropriate reading and attendance of courses and external 
meetings. Proactively inform colleagues of these advances through 
discussion and presentations. Actively seek to broaden your understanding 
of other disciplines and develop your knowledge of the drug discovery 


* A PhD (or equivalent) in cheminformatics, computational chemistry or a 
related field.
* Experience of using programming languages such as Python and C++.
* Technical expertise in developing cheminformatics protocols using for 
example, Pipeline Pilot, and scripts using toolkits such as RDKit, CDK and 
* Ability to communicate effectively in English, both verbally and in 


* Formal education in organic chemistry.
* The application of computational techniques to drug discovery projects.
* Machine learning and advanced statistics applied to molecular 
* Data science programming libraries such as Pandas, Scikit-learn, and 
* Effective communication and interpretation of experimental results using 
advanced data visualization.
* Advanced cheminformatics, computational chemistry and molecular modeling 
* An understanding of modern medicinal chemistry.
* Knowledge of relational databases and chemical cartridges, as well as 
medicinal chemistry databases such as ChEMBL.
* Industry experience within a pharmaceutical or agrochemical company.
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Contact Will Pitt at if you have any questions about this position.
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