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Date: Thu Oct 18 18:26:07 2018
Subject: 18.10.18 Scientist - Computational Chemistry & Structural Biology Expertise - NIH - Bethesda, MD

Computational Chemistry & Structural Biology Position - NIH - Bethesda, MD

This is a long-term contract position which offers:

  • Competitive salary with a comprehensive benefit package

  • Tremendous growth opportunity

  • Opportunity to work at NIH, the world's foremost medical research center

TASKS. The contractor shall:

  • Collaborate with project staff to implement research plans to support center milestones (screens, probes, publications).

  • Process, QC and analyze data from high-throughput screening assays and report results.

  • Develop binding hypothesis models for lead optimization projects.

  • Develop ligand-based (QSAR, pharmacophore, etc.) models to aid in small molecule probe optimization.

  • Facilitate the biological interpretation of experimental results through pathway analysis or systems biology approaches.

  • Collaborate with chemists on probe optimization by integrating modeling results into project plans.

  • Design, build and maintain a robust and flexible informatics infrastructure to support data collection from automated high-throughput screens.

  • Develop research and methods in the areas of target prioritization, therapeutic drug discovery, knowledge representation, recommendation algorithms, network modeling and inference, and the quantitative analysis of the bottlenecks in translation.

  • Author scientific publications on the informatics-driven support of target validation, early discovery, toxicology, and drug repurposing projects.

  • Develop public resources that identify or predict significant bottlenecks across the entire continuum of translation activities, including target prioritization, therapeutic drug discovery and the optimization of clinical practice.

REQUIREMENTS. The contractor must have:

  • Ph.D. in Computational Chemistry, Structural Biology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry or a related discipline; OR Three (3) years of specialized experience plus a Masters degree; OR Five (5) years of specialized experience plus a Bachelors degree.

  • Minimum of four (4) years of related experience.

  • Demonstrated expert knowledge working in the research laboratory environment.

  • Experience with software infrastructure development and database management.

  • Strong communications skills, both oral and written.

  • Excellent analytical, organizational and time management skills.

Please apply at the following link:

Scientist - Computational Chemistry Expertise - NIH - Bethesda, MD

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