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Date: Tue Oct 16 17:12:17 2018
Subject: 18.10.16 Post-Doctoral Associate Position at the Centre for Molecular Simulation, University of Calgary, Canada
Eyes-High Postdoctoral Position is available immediately in the groups of Sergei Noskov 
and Peter Tieleman to work on the lipophilic regulation of ion channels with particular 
emphasis on the development of accurate models of myocyte membranes and 
development of in-silico approach for studying cardio-toxicity and mechanisms of 
drug-induced  arrhythmias. The project, in collaboration with several world-leading groups in heart 
physiology and IBM as an industrial partner is focused on extending all-atom and 
coarse-grained MD simulations of ion channels in multi-component membranes as an 
element of a platform for chemistry-to-heart rhythms paradigm combining protein 
simulations to cell- and tissue-level signal  propagation. 

Working at the CMS will provide access to unique computational resources, world-class 
in-house expertise   in molecular simulation, free energy protocols and development of 
novel simulation techniques (coarse-grained models, polarizable force-fields) aiming at 
improved understanding of membrane protein/lipid interactions. 

Relevant areas of experience might include material sciences, chemical and biological 
engineering, physical chemistry or statistical physics, bio-moiecular simulation, method 
development, condensed phase simulations, free energy and  enhanced sampling 
simulations, analysis of Cryo-EM maps and machine learning techniques applied to 
bio-molecular systems. We are not looking for the expertise in QSAR, drug design or 
applications of quantum-chemistry to organic molecules.

A highly competitive salary will provided as part of this award for two (2) years 
from the Vice-President (Research).  Eyes-High Postdoctoral Scholars (EHPDS) are 
recruited as Postdoctoral Associates. 

Extended health benefit plan will be provided for the trainee and his/her family 
(dental, vision, health and prescription benefits) in addition to mandatory basic health 
coverage (doctor's visits, hospital stays, etc) Other benefits such as relocation expenses, 
computer, travel/conference expenses, etc. are negotiable.  Postdoctoral scholars will 
have access to the services of the Staff Wellness Centre and  the Employee Family 
Assistance Program (EFAP) offered through LifeWorks.

There are no citizenship restrictions. The Eyes High Postdoctoral Scholarship 
is offered to NEW postdoctoral scholars who are external to the University of Calgary. 
PDS currently working or whose latest degree was completed, or is in progress, at the 
University of Calgary, are not eligible.  Applicants must hold a PhD  awarded within the 
last 5 years.  The date of degree completion is used to determine the eligibility of 
applicants.  In accordance  with the University's regulations this is the date when the 
applicant has completed all  the steps required to obtain their degree, including 
successful defense and submission of the corrected final thesis. An EHPDS must 
commence the appointment within five years of being awarded a PhD degree.

Salary Incentive: The University of Calgary encourages all EHPDS to apply for 
external awards, which can be used as a top-up to the guaranteed salary through 
Eyes High Award.

Noskov lab:
Tieleman lab:
Centre for Molecular Simulation:
Application process:  Please send your CV a cover letter briefly describing your interests 
and goals, and names of 2-3 reference persons to e-mail: snoskov]|[
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