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Date: Mon Oct 15 18:24:42 2018
Subject: 18.10.15 Computational Chemist, Syngenta Jealott's Hill, UK
Computational Chemist, Syngenta Jealott's Hill Research Centre, UK

We are looking for a highly motivated computational chemist to join the 
Structural Biology and Computational Chemistry group at our R&D site 
in Jealott's Hill, UK. 

The role offers an exciting opportunity to work on chemistry design 
problems in a multidisciplinary environment, with applications in a 
wide range of biological systems spanning plant, mammalian and 
invertebrate biology. 

The successful candidate will need to demonstrate flexible teamwork 
and a tenacious approach to delivering computational chemistry outputs 
to research projects. Excellent oral and written communication skills 
and the ability to translate specialist knowledge into a meaningful 
output for multidisciplinary project teams are highly desirable 
qualities for this position.

- Support design of new active ingredients by using a broad range of 
  computational techniques, including molecular modeling, structure- 
  and ligand-based design
- Work with chemists, computational chemists, biologists and other 
  experts to devise strategies on how best to leverage data and 
  provide design inputs to support chemical invention
- Build project structure-property relationships, analyse biological 
  data and help project teams to make decisions and drive 
  hypothesis-based molecular design
- Understand business context and monitor new developments in the 
  field of computational chemistry 
- Work effectively with computational chemistry colleagues across 
  R&D to drive technology development and promote the use of 
  state-of-the-art methods 

Required knowledge and experience:
- PhD or equivalent in computational chemistry or a related field, 
  e.g. cheminformatics or chemistry, with experience in 
  project-based work in multidisciplinary project teams
- Experience in an industrial drug discovery environment is a plus 
- Knowledge of ligand-based rational design, e.g. field- and 
  shape-based methods and conformational exploration, 
  standard QM methods  
- Knowledge of structure-based design, including homology modeling, 
  docking and virtual screening 
- Working knowledge of organic chemistry and chemical structure
- Basic knowledge of cheminformatics, QSPR, model validation and 
  assessing model robustness; familiarity with machine learning 
- Familiarity with standard molecular modeling software packages
- Practical programming and data science skills to support 
  computational chemistry tasks, e.g. Python, shell scripting, 
  high-performance computing, pipelining tools, databases 

Syngenta will offer:
- Competitive benefits package
- Up to 31.5 days holiday
- An opportunity to work in a talented, high performing team

About Syngenta: 

Syngenta is a leading agriculture company helping to improve global 
food security by enabling millions of farmers to make better use of 
available resources more sustainably. Through world class science and 
innovative crop solutions, our 28,000 people in over 90 countries are 
working to transform how crops are grown.   
We are committed to rescuing land from degradation, enhancing 
biodiversity and revitalizing rural communities.
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