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Date: Wed Sep 26 17:34:10 2018
Subject: 18.09.26 Paris Pasteur University International Doctoral Program. Targeting G proteins by cancer-promoting immunomodulatory virulence factors.
The Cytotoxic Necrotizing Factor 1 (CNF1) from pathogenic Escherichia coli 
catalyzes a post-translational modification (PTM) of Rho family members 
through site-specific deamidation of a glutamine residue into a glutamic 
acid which places Rho in a constitutively active state.
We propose to define by Structural Bioinformatics approaches combined with 
Cell Biology and Biochemistry approaches the molecular basis of the 
modification by CNF1 of the subfamily of Rho GTPases that belong to the 
super-family of p21-Ras GTPases. This integrated study will open new 
avenues for a comprehensive view of several hot topics in the field. 
The first aspect concerns the potential connection of pathogens to cancer 
development. The second aspect is the role played by the disordered or
partially disordered protein regions in the cell signalisation processes.
The PhD project intends to use molecular modeling approaches coupled to 
experimental approaches to explore:
(A) the interactions between CNF1 and small G proteins to  shade light on 
the specificity of recognition of Rho proteins by this toxin. Starting 
from a model proposed for CNF1/RhoA interaction, molecular dynamics 
trajectories will be recorded to analyze the interaction between CNF1 and 
other small G proteins. Model prediction and CNF1 activity will be 
confronted by directed mutagenesis of the toxin and analysis of its 
activity in vitro and in cellulo.
(B) the possibilities to inhibit the interaction of CNF toxins with their 
host targets. A virtual screening study will be performed on series of 
conformations extracted from extensive MD trajectories. The predicted 
inhibitors will be experimentally tested.
The Institut Pasteur in Paris organizes a doctoral program in collaboration
with the universities Paris-Descartes, Paris-Diderot, Pierre and Marie Curie,
and Paris-Sud, for students holding a master degree or the equivalent in
science, medicine and related fields delivered by a university outside of

In 2009, the Institut Pasteur, the world leading biomedical research institute
founded by Louis Pasteur in 1887, inaugurated the Pasteur Paris-University
(PPU) international doctoral program in collaboration with several major
Parisian science universities for students holding a Master degree (or
equivalent) from a university outside of France and who have not worked or
resided in France for more than 12 months in the 3 years prior to their

The 2018-2019 call for enrollment of students in October 2019 is open until
November 2nd, 2018.

Please go to the dedicated platform: where you can find
the project described (OncoVirF project) and to submit your application.

Deadline for contacting host laboratories: November 2, 2018

Deadline for submitting the application with the host laboratory: November 13, 2018
Interview week: January 29 / February 1, 2019

Contact: therese.malliavin^^
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