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Date: Tue Jul 24 05:27:22 2018
Subject: 18.07.24 Cheminformatics Scientist (m/f) (179633), Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
Cheminformatics Scientist (m/f)

Your role:
We are currently hiring Cheminformatics Scientists to strengthen our digital business unit, 
which drives the digital transformation for Merck globally and across business divisions  
establishing modern cheminformatics methodologies and infrastructure in chemical and 
material research to improve experimental efficiency and enhance innovation. The candidate 
is expected to self-dependently execute tasks in our projects, including the development 
of QSAR/QSPR models in chemical processes and material development, design of chemical 
databases and communication with our internal customers to help them understand and 
implement the technologies.

Merck offers young professionals or graduates the opportunity to boost their career, working
in an interdisciplinary high-performance team that is focused on innovation in the 
intersection of business, chemistry and digital technology. This offer includes:

- Opportunity to expand your skills in a scientific, technical and business dimension at 
  the same time
- Intellectual challenge to solve some of the most complex problems in the industry and 
  innovate on entirely new digital business models
- Stimulating work environment in a very diverse, high caliber team

Who you are:
- Ph.D. in Cheminformatics, Computer Science or a similar field
- Strong in chemical databases and handling of chemical structure information
- Strong in modern machine learning QSAR/QSPR methods
- Strong programming and scripting skills (Pyhton, KNIME, R etc.)
- Familiar with chemical graph theory, chemical topology and fingerprint descriptors
- Basics in chemical synthesis and physics

What we offer: We empower you to fulfil your ambitions, and our diverse businesses offer
various career moves toseek new horizons. We trust you with responsibility early on and
support you to draw your own career map thatis responsive to your aspirations and priorities
in life. Join us and bring your curiosity to life!

Apply here:

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