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Date: Sat Sep 1 23:57:14 2018
Subject: 18.07.17 Postdoctoral/Senior Researcher Positions in Computational Biology and Chemistry, Arieh Warshel Institute of Computational Biology, Shenzhen, China
The Arieh Warshel Institute of Computational Biology is headed by Prof. Arieh Warshel 
(2013 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry) and be part of the School of Science and Engineering, 
Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen (CUHKSZ). It is intended to become one of 
the worlds most advanced computational biology centers, conducting research on
cutting-edge biotechnologies (structural biology, molecular medicine, multi-scale
biomolecule simulations, high-throughput Genome Sequencing analysis and translational
research of gene diagnosis technology). Please refer to and for further information about CUHK (SZ) and 
Arieh Warshel Institute of Computational Biology, respectively.

Dr. Guijuan Cheng is an Assistant Professor of the School of Science and Engineering and
is affiliated with the Arieh Warshel Institute of Computational Biology. The Cheng group 
mainly focuses on mechanistic studies on enzymatic and organic reactions by using a wide 
range of computational techniques (MD, QM/MM, QM methods ...) and experimental methods
(mass spectrometry,electrochemical method ...). Please visit
for more information. We are seeking experienced research fellows who will work on one 
of the following projects: (1) QM/MM study of enzymatic reactions (e.g. disease-related 
post-translational modification, DNA repair, and biosynthesis); (2) QM study of organic 
reactions (e.g. transition metal-catalyzed reactions and electrochemical reactions). 

Qualifying Requirements: 
1. Postdoc candidates should be no older than 35.
2. PhD in computational biology (or a related subject); strong expertise in docking, 
MD simulations and QM/MM calculations of enzymes.
Or PhD in computational chemistry; strong expertise in QM calculations to investigate 
mechanism of organic reaction. 
3. Strong problem-solving skills and able to work independently, as well as to work 
with a team (e.g. collaboration with experimental labs).
4. Strong programming/scripting skills and English language skills. 
5. Experience in using ChemShell or MOLARIS-XG will be a plus.

1. The base annual salary for postdoc is RMB 360,000~ 460,000, including the tax free subsidy 
of RMB 300,000 per year from the local government.
2. Candidates who is eligible for Category C Talents of Shenzhen Peacock Program can apply for  
additional subsidy of RMB 480,000 per year from the local government(5 years, tax free). Please refer to for more information about the 
Shenzhen Peacock Program and other talent programs.
3. All postdoc positions are full-time and with a fixed term of 2 years. After 2 years, 
excellent postdocs can be hired as senior researcher and apply for Shenzhen High-level Talent 
Plan (a total of RMB 2,400,000 tax-free bonus for 5 years from the local government can be obtained).
4. Employee benefits will be provided according to the relevant labor laws of Mainland China 
as well as CUHK-Shenzhen regulations.

Application Materials: 
1. A cover letter explaining your scientific background and interest in joining our group.
2. CV and publication list, with the most important 3 to 5 publications highlighted.
3. Contact information for at least two references (recommendation letters will be requested if necessary).
Interested applicants should send the application materials via email to 
Dr. Guijuan Cheng at
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