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Date: Thu Jun 21 04:40:35 2018
Subject: 18.06.21 Ph.D. positions, Inst. Comput. Biol. Chem., University of Vienna, Austria

Two Ph.D. positions are open in the group of Prof. Stefan Boresch at the Institute of Computational Biololgial Chemistry, University of Vienna, Austria. One is funded through the FWF (Austrian Science Fund) project P31024 for the duration of 36 months; the other is funded through the University of Vienna for the duration of 48 months. Candidates will study the role and influence of tautomeric state on binding affinities by computational techniques. In addition to force field based free energy simulations (FES), QM/MM FES will also be used to study this question. In the latter case, optimized protocols to make such calculations feasible need to be developed.

The candidate has finished a Master's degree (or equivalent) in Chemistry or a related field which permits her/him to enroll in the doctoral program of the Faculty of Chemistry at the University of Vienna. The planned work requires a strong background in physical / theoretical chemistry. Preference will be given to candidates who can demonstrate some experience with quantum chemistry and/or molecular dynamics software. Knowledge of one or more programming languages is a bonus.

The University of Vienna pursues a non-discriminatory employment policy and values equal opportunities, as well as diversity ( The University lays special emphasis on increasing the number of women in senior and in academic positions. Given equal qualifications, preference will be given to female applicants.

Please contact Stefan Boresch (stefan#, for further information. Final applications, however, must be made through the Job Center of the University of Vienna.

Here are direct links to the positions/applications: FWF (ID: 8552) and University of Vienna (ID: 8549)

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