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Date: Tue Jun 12 16:39:27 2018
Subject: 18.06.12 Postdoctoral Research Position in Molecular Design at CU Boulder
The Shirts research group in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering 
at the University of Colorado Boulder is hiring a research associate to help develop 
theoretical guidelines, based on fundamental physical principles, by which short 
nonbiological heteropolymers with sequence specificity fold into secondary structure 
elements. The candidate will also study what governs the relative stability between 
these allowed secondary structure elements. Initial studies will pave the way for more 
extensive and realistic modeling of the proposed heteropolymers, working with our 
experimental collaborators. This research effort is intended to build towards tools 
for designing human-engineered foldameric materials with a much larger range of 
properties and functions than occur in naturally occurring biological heteropolymers 
such as proteins. 

This position requires a Ph.D. in chemistry, chemical engineering, physics or related 
field, and exceptionally strong skills in statistical mechanics and molecular simulation. 
Other qualifications of interest include Python expertise and experience with protein 
design algorithms. Competitive candidates will have a track record of scientific 
success in graduate study, creative and innovative thinking, experience working 
on teams, excellent writing skills, and a strong publication record.  Contact 
michael.shirts^-^ for additional questions or information.
The job number is #13828 at  

A direct link to apply is

The CU application requires a non-confidential letter of recommendation. 
This can consist of a letter that describes the relationship to the applicant, 
but then states any additional information will be sent directly to me upon request.
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