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Date: Wed May 30 12:37:34 2018
Subject: 18.05.30 Postdoctoral Researcher
Postdoctoral Researcher
College of Science  Bio Networks
Louisiana State University

Job Responsibilities:

The major focus of our group is on integrating multi-dimensional biological
data into computer-aided drug design. We are seeking a postdoctoral fellow
who will study drug-oriented interactomes by combining high-level omics
data, such as genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics,
glycomics, and genome-wide association studies with molecular and
atomic-level modeling of medically relevant biomolecules and interactions
among them. The main goals are to support the development of novel and safe
pharmaceuticals with the enhanced selectivity profiles, and to expand the
current opportunity space for polypharmacology.

Job Duties:

75% Pursue an independent research project to investigate drug-oriented
interactomes by combining high-level omics data with molecular and
atomic-level modeling and machine learning.

15% Assist with training and supervision of graduate and undergraduate students.

10% Assist with general lab maintenance (software packages, websites,
webservers, publicly available datasets, etc.)

Minimum Qualifications:

PhD in (Computational) Biology/Chemistry/Biochemistry, Genomics/Genetics,
Computer Science, Bioinformatics or related field; or Ph.D. and one year
post-doctoral experience in a computational biology, genomics, biophysics or
bioinformatics laboratory. Three years experience in the development of
scientific codes for genomics and/or computational biology, working with
high-throughput biological data (RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, CLIP-seq, microarray,
GWAS/SNP-chip, Hi-C, Y2H, phage display, etc.), machine learning including
deep learning and data mining.

Additional Position Information:

Background Check - An offer of employment is contingent on a satisfactory
pre-employment background check.

Benefits - LSU offers outstanding benefits to eligible employees and their
dependents including health, life, dental, and vision insurance; flexible
spending accounts; retirement options; annual and sick leave; 14 paid
holidays; wellness benefits; tuition exemption; training and development
opportunities; employee discounts and more!

LSU is committed to diversity and is an equal opportunity/equal access employer

HCM Contact Information:

Questions or concerns can be directed to the LSU Human Resources Management
Office at 225-578-8200 or emailed HR _

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