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Date: Thu May 24 11:44:18 2018
Subject: 18.05.24 Exciting job offers to study RNA and RNPs (biochemistry, crystallography, modeling)
Exciting job offers to study RNA and RNPs
biochemistry / crystallography / modeling

We offer a career in an interdisciplinary and international team
for junior scientists (PhD candidates and postdocs)interested in studying 
RNA structures and interactions

Bujnicki group, IIMCB in Warsaw, Poland

About us:
 We study RNA structure and RNA interactions with other molecules
(in particular with proteins and with small organic ligands).
 The common theme of our work is the combination of theory and experiment.
 We are an interdisciplinary team, where software developers meet with 
 experimental biologists, and high-throughput data analysis combines with 
 sophisticated studies of individual biomolecules. 

 We develop methods for modeling 3D structure and dynamics of biomolecules,
 examples include GeneSilico metaserver for protein structure prediction, 
 ModeRNA and SimRNA, for modeling RNA 3D structures, and NPDock and 
 PyRy3D for modeling of complexes. Check out

 We used to focus on protein structure prediction and we were very 
 successful in the CASP competition. 

 Currently we take part in RNA Puzzles and are one of the most successful
 RNA modeling teams there.

 Computational predictions are of course validated experimentally in our lab.
 We are constantly expanding the scope of experimental techniques used. 
 In particular, we have recently engaged in experimental structure
 determination. We are using X-ray crystallography and SAXS and extending
 our work to include other techniques such as AFM and cryoEM. 
 The interpretation of experimental data is combined with molecular 
 modeling, which benefits from computer software developed in our group.
 Check out our publications at 
 Our group is in IIMCB in Warsaw (, the top-ranked (A+)
 Polish research institute, with cutting-edge equipment and facilities, 
 in particular for bioinformatics (in-house computing cluster), 
 experimental molecular and structural biology.

 IIMCB provides support for science commercialization, development 
 of spin-off companies etc.

 IIMCB is an equal opportunity employer and holds 'HR Excellence in
 Research' logo for the implementation of the provisions of the European
 Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment 
 of Researchers.

We have a number of open positions, mostly for PhD students and postdocs, 
funded by several grants.

We offer different opportunities for candidates with different skills 
and interests:
-	Computer programers (in particular those interested in programing 
        in Python and C/C++)
-	Developers of databases and web servers
-	Molecular modelers
-	Experimental biochemists, biophysicists, and structural biologists

Requirements (check out for specific
 conditions of different positions): 
 Degree in computer science, biology, chemistry, physics or related area
 For theoreticians: experience in software development or in molecular 
 modeling of proteins and/or RNA
 For experimentalists: experience in structural biology, biochemistry, 
 and/or biophysics of proteins and/or RNA
 Priority will be given to candidates with expertise most relevant to 
 the project and to the profile of the laboratory

We offer:
 Positions with 100% focus on research (no teaching obligations)
 Participation in courses, scientific training, support from peers
 Academic mentoring (e.g., individual Thesis Advisory Committee for 
 PhD students, career advice for all stages)
 Competitive funding (different conditions for different positions), 
 possibilities for additional funds
 Benefits including reduced-rate for an individual medical care package 
 and membership in MultiSport program
Detailed information:

Contact us:
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