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Date: Tue May 22 16:08:21 2018
Subject: 18.05.22 Drug Discovery Manager, Data Science, Portland, OR, Schrödinger

Schrödinger’s mission is to revolutionize drug discovery through the use of breakthrough computational methods. We are currently looking for outstanding individuals to join our drug discovery group and contribute to our rapidly expanding portfolio of drug discovery collaborations.

Our drug discovery group of around 60 scientists includes designers, modelers, computational chemists, medicinal chemists, crystallographers, biochemists, and biologists. The group is supported by more than 100 software developers and engineers. Three of the programs weve worked on in the past 7 years have progressed into the clinic and an additional one is expected to enter clinical trials this year. For recent news on one of these programs, go to this website.

If you are a data scientist with an interest in combining leadership and data management skills on drug discovery projects, we are eager to hear from you.

Job Requirements

  • Leverage leadership skills and management experience to scale our drug discovery data team
  • Actively strive to comprehend the delegated activities and essential tools of fellow drug discovery data team members
  • Mentor and advise drug discovery data team members by identifying and enabling actionable frameworks
  • Participate in projects throughout all stages via activities such as project-specific document preparation, internal and external team meetings, Schrödinger drug discovery group and collaborator communication, and ongoing monitoring of the quality of data
  • Plan and oversee daily activities in coordination with other supervisors, key stakeholders, technical advisors, and data team members

    Essential Qualifications and Experience

    • Bachelors degree in chemistry, biology, or biochemistry required though advanced degree preferred
    • Practical experience with:
      • Communicating and interpreting scientific and technical concepts, such as
      • Tracking and responding to project-related email, including customer requests
      • Understand, practice and communicate data management guidelines
      • Databases (e.g. sqlite, MySQL, PostgreSQL), such as
      • Querying, exporting, and uploading data and/or structures
      • Retrieving data from database based on customer requests
      • Verifying data by comparing to source documents
    • Managing yourself and others, such as
      • Structure, planning and implementing a project
      • Mentoring or advising others
      • Networking and learning from a diverse group of peers
      • Identifying and implementing ways to improve efficiency
    • Understanding of:
      • Drug discovery process, especially target selection, lead identification and optimization
      • Computational chemistry, cheminformatics, bioinformatics
      • Cellular biology, molecular biology, immunology
    • Ability to:
      • Work independently
      • Handle context switching
      • Compromise
      • Take ownership of output even if you wont make all decisions yourself
      • Motivated learner: willingness to take on new challenges and the ability to adapt rapidly to changing directions
      • Organized and detail-oriented with excellent communication and interpersonal skills

    Desirable Skills

    • 3+ years of data management and/or computing experience in the pharmaceutical industry
    • Active participation in growing a team
    • Experience with:
      • Maintenance and/or preparation of chemical database content
      • Analysis and/or preparation of computational chemistry data sets
      • Schrödinger software (especially LiveDesign, Maestro, Python modules)
      • Scientific Python packages (e.g. pandas, numpy, scipy, matplotlib)
      • Version control (e.g. Git);
      • Online sources of scientific information (especially NCBI PubMed, RCSB PDB, UniProtKB, EMBL-EBI ChEMBL, SciFinder, Reaxys)

    Please apply directly via our website at:

    As an equal opportunity employer, Schrödinger hires outstanding individuals into every position in the company. People who work with us have a high degree of engagement, a commitment to working effectively in teams, and a passion for the companys mission. We place the highest value on creating a safe environment where our employees can grow and contribute, and refuse to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religious belief, sex, age, national origin, citizenship status, marital status, union status, sexual orientation, or gender identity. To us, diversity isnt just a buzzword, but an important element of our core principles and key business practices. We believe that diverse companies innovate better and think more creatively than homogenous ones because they take into account a wide range of viewpoints. Greater diversity doesnt just mean better headlines or public imagesit means increased adaptability and profitability.

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