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Date: Wed Apr 11 16:39:16 2018
Subject: 18.04.11 Seeking postdoctoral scholar for NIH-funded lab (molecular dynamics, biophysics) University of Kentucky
The Kekenes-Huskey lab is seeking an interdisciplinary computational scientist for
advancing state-of-the-art multi-scale calcium signaling models in support of the PIs
NIH-funded research, with an emphasis on ion transport and systems biology. The ideal
candidates contributions will support our long-term goal of providing quantitative
insight into cellular function stemming arising from molecular signaling. In the short
term, the candidate will explore the biophysics of molecular signaling through
simulation, which will complement synergistic activities with UKs Muscle Biology
Center and the Center of Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease. The primary objective
of the postdoctoral associate will be to develop signal transduction models that integrate
microscopy and molecular structure/function data. To support this objective, the associate
will develop and implement these numerical models in close collaboration with
experimental and computational colleagues. Candidates that have expertise in molecular
modeling including molecular dynamics simulation are especially encouraged to apply.

We are also seeking graduate students for the upcoming Fall and Spring semesters.
Please send CV, names of references (with contact info), representative papers and cover letter to
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