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Date: Fri Apr 6 14:22:07 2018
Subject: 18.04.06 Postdoctoral/visiting scientists for computational modeling and drug design at College of Pharmacy, University of Kentucky
Two postdoctoral/visiting scientist positions in computational modeling and drug design, supervised by 
Dr. Chang-Guo Zhan (, are available in two multi-disciplinary 
research centers (Molecular Modeling and Biopharmaceutical Center and 
Center for Pharmaceutical Research and Innovation) at College of Pharmacy, University of Kentucky. 

Drug candidates designed and discovered in Dr. Zhan's lab/centers include both small molecules and proteins 
(particularly antibodies and therapeutic enzymes). The postdoctoral/visiting scientists will be involved in 
multiple drug discovery and development projects, responsible for the computational modeling and drug design. 
The computational design is followed by wet experimental tests in vitro and in vivo. These experiments 
are performed either in Dr. Zhan's lab or in a close collaboration with internal and/or external 
experimental laboratories. Our unique structure-and-mechanism-based drug design and discovery 
efforts through integrated computational-experimental studies (supported by the NIH, NSF, DoD, and 
other organizations) have been very productive, leading to exciting discovery of novel, promising 
therapeutics. Phase II human clinical trials have been completed for two of the therapeutic agents 
designed by us; one has received the Breakthrough Therapy Designation by the FDA. The members of 
Dr. Zhan's lab work in an interdisciplinary research environment. More detailed information about 
Dr. Zhan's lab and the research centers:;;
Applications/inquiries should be sent to Dr. Zhan at The applications/inquiries should include:

1) CV with a list of publications and contact details for at least two reference persons; 

2) A short letter describing your interest to work in the field of computational modeling and drug design. 

Applications will be reviewed immediately, and will continue until the positions are filled.
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